Terms of service


All rights of https://www.psc-brand.com belong to Popseecul Design and Textile Trade Limited Company (PSC).
The terms and conditions below concern all website members and users. Please carefully read the information below before using the website.



Your registration to the website depends on accepting the terms and conditions mentioned on the PSC website. The use of the website means that you have accepted the terms and conditions. All contents on the website, ideas and any information or data presented on the website are under the right of PSC.

Customers who are 18+ are eligible to register through the website. Customers who are approved by PSC; including legal entities, and those who have completed the membership form are able to be become a “MEMBER”.

Everyone who visits the PSC website, who uses the PSC shop or connects to www.psc-bran.com in any other way is considered a ‘USER’. USERS are obligated to accept the terms and conditions in order to use the website.


2.Service Content

The PSC website (www.psc-brand.com) is the only place that sells PSC products directly, excluding stockists. After the products have been sold, the availability and state of the product are checked by the PSC team. PSC is obliged to send the products to the appropriate customer undamaged on time. 


3.Terms and Conditions

PSC continuously checks the accuracy and timelines of the information available on the website. However, members and users must be aware that this information may not be always be up to date.

PSC reserves the right to cancel the membership of a user at any time without justification.
All information, articles, pictures, slogans, brands and other sign, order, etc. are the sole property of PSC.  Any attempt of partial and total imitation of trade, publication, distribution of merchandise will be subject to section 5846 of civil and criminal penalties.
The member is obliged to use the credit card safely. PSC is not liable for any direct and indirect inconveniences.

PSC may terminate any agreement with member without any notice.

PSC has the rights to make changes on the website and shut it down for any appropriate reason.

Users and members agree to comply with the general ethics and adherence to all applicable national and international laws and are obliged to act in accordance with regulations, communication and internet security. Any given comments or concerns made by the customers must be ethically appropriate.

Any transaction which leads to hardware and software systems damage, or adversely affects the operation of the website is prohibited.
Customers are responsible for the consequences that may arise due to sharing their passwords. If the details provided by the customers are incorrect, PSC will not be held responsible.

PSC doesn’t allow users to violate the website Terms of Use and the above rules. If otherwise; PSC will take the right security measures, and legal proceedings.

PSC has no legal or criminal liability for any direct and indirect damages on the website, caused by computer viruses, trojans, and similar malware which may be exposed due to access to the data, and any information provided by the webpage. 
The Terms of Use of this website and disputes arising from the membership agreement are subject to Turkish Law and Istanbul Central Courts and Execution Offices are authorized.


4.User Agreement

The personal data and the personal information that I have provided within this form, covers the scope of Regulation of Electronic Commerce No. 6563 which contributes the purpose of information such as campaigns, discounts, sales history, invoices, delivery of the products, newsletters, promotion and campaign information, marketing communications, customer analysis, customer loyalty and similar purposes. Popseecul Design and Textile Trade Limited Company follows The Principle Protection of Personal Data, law number 6698, that composes sales history, creation and cut of invoices, product delivery newsletters, information about promotions and campaigns, marketing communications customer analysis, customer loyalty, custom production, and processes such, data realization of the objectives , to all business partners and all related institutions appropriately.
Under the protection rights, interests and reputation of Popseecul Design and Textile Trade Limited Company's execution of third party business partners, services / supports / consultancy or cooperated or projects / programs / financing partners, operations, processes, goals and strategies require to be shared with suppliers, company officials, banks, funds, companies and other third parties or organizations must be appropriate to PSC operations, aim and strategy.

I accept and declare that I expressly consent to my personal data if I am missing or processed incorrectly, requesting that they be corrected and notified to third parties to whom my personal data have been transferred to. I would like to ;

i) learn whether my personal data has been processed, (ii) request information on my personal data if it has been processed, (iii) learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether my data is used for its purpose, (iv) learn from third parties to whom my personal data have been transferred; and (v)  accept and declare that I expressly consent to my personal data if I am missing or processed incorrectly.